You will never ever forget what happened on the 15th of April.

Kamilla Mammadova
6 min readApr 15, 2022


Memorable moments from DAY 3 ADAMUN Conference dedicated to the 30th Anniversary of cooperation between the United Nations and Azerbaijan.


As promised, we will share what happened at the end of the 2nd Day (mixed with today) where delegates were not expected anything but a General Speakers List and moderated causes.

Yesterday The Chair informed that with the initiative from a young American entrepreneur the project about redesigning fossil fuel-based energy plantations in a way to triple their efficiency proceeded. However, the worst side is that it also triples pollution emissions three times. Being cheap and highly efficient the project tempted several countries including Ghana and Gabon. Delegates had only 20 minutes to come up with the ideas and to write a small resolution as a solution.

The delegate of the Federative Republic of Brazil could not stand such betraying decisions of neighboring countries, so his first words were “Let’s put sanctions!”.

Minute of silence in the audience and then an explosion of the delegates of France, Russian Federation, United Arab Emirates, and Germany.

During Panel Discussion, the delegate of Brazil changed his decision several times from putting financial sanctions to trying to find funders for the project of marine turbines as the substitution of damaging projects. We would highlight that the delegate of Brazil does have bright ideas. However, he tries to get money for those ideas from all countries except the Central Bank of Brazil.

However, quoting the delegate of the United Arab Emirates “They do not have money, but they have ideas!”. The United Arab Emirates is ready to fight with the delegate of Germany, who is prepared to fund the project only for being the main submitter, for justice! He is definitely a Godfather of Brazil.

I would call the delegate of the United Arab Emirates the pioneer of climate change. The way he assured us that his country is ready to decrease fossil fuels and oil production even if losing great sums of money makes him a desperate defender and dreamer of climate change.


Coming a little later, the NHK World Japan media representative faced the conflict between the delegate of Brazil and mostly all of the delegates. A new resolution that was started yesterday on the topic “Public-Private Partnership to tackle climate change”, possesses the main submitter in the face of Brazil, but because of financial instability, European countries would like to put a hand on the sweet part of the day.

It is sad to say that Brazil was not persistent enough about its copyrights and lost its position in the resolution. The pressure has brought the crops and the United States of America, even without trying, got the position of main submitter. Point of information, American delegate also is the main submitter of the first paper.

Does it mean that privileges rapidly come to Uncle Sam again?

Moral of the story: some stories do not have a happy ending.


Previously we noted that some stories such as the Brazilian issue do not have a happy ending and maybe “Money is not everything but everything needs money” is the right statement. However, after several hours of partially meaningless and partially making sense debates made the delegate of Brazil was the main submitter of the last resolution.

Updated moral of the story: possessing ideas is more precious than possessing money.


As his Excellency Chair sometimes has important tasks for Saving the World, the Director was the one who led the first Committee Session.

Being quiet, by the unspoken rules of the media, he was not the focus of NHK World Japan during the first two days. Despite that, the last day of the conference and splendid weather is a great boost for breaking the rules for close ones.

We suppose that a reader will relate to ever experiencing grandfather’s vibe: calm, wise, hard of hearing lovely granny helps with your homework even if he does not have any idea on how to do it. This feeling is about the Director of COP. He was ready to help delegates find out how many resolution papers they would have to present at General Gathering and was ready to help the media representative of La Monde to take pictures of the delegates of Pakistan, Germany, and the Russian Federation. The Director even felt the need to ask delegates if they liked the photos for the newspaper or not.

Moral of the story: appreciate the story that you read or watch and do not forget about the ones who are behind these stories.


Breaking rules №2 for today: maybe media representative does not have the right to award delegates by we are surely allowed to express our own opinion on all issues. During three days we have observed the passion, and ambitions of particular delegates of the COP, and we have noticed the laziness, and passiveness of others. Additionally, the Chair and the Director impressed well with the organization of the sessions even if there were silly but creative punishments of the delegates which actually was not the prerogative of the Conference. Last but not the least, not eco-friendly but witty-minded media representative of La Monde.

Meeting with young changers, who are also talented and literate in a lot of areas, instills great hope in mitigating not only climate change but issues that previous generations had an opportunity to burden on us.


After getting acquainted with the resolution, several delegates offered amendments. However, other delegates were not in favor of these amendments. This resolution was accepted passively may be because the main energy of the delegates drained from arguing about the main submission. Despite this fact, delegates could relieve on the matter that a second resolution is also ready! Good job!

For now. That is all from our side. Bon Voyage, dear COP!